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Join us at a CLFSA Meeting

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Ana Castillo Keynote Speaker - Tuesday, March 5, 2019

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Dolores Huerta Keynote Speaker - Thursday, May 10, 2018

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CLFSA Receives the 2019 President's Diversity Award

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Chicano Latino Commencement (CLC)

Particpate in the Chicano Latino Commencement (CLC) Ceremony

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CLFSA Participates in PolyCultural Weekend

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CLFSA Cooking in the Canyon

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Dia de Los Muertos 2019

Campus community celebrates Dia de Los Muertos in the University Plaza

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The vision and purposes of CLFSA is to:

Help foster an atmosphere of mutual support, advocacy, understanding, and "familia" between and among Chicana Latino faculty, staff, and the wider university community;

Educate ourselves and the general public on important issues pertaining to the Chicana Latino community;

Provide a broad network of Chicana Latino role models, support, and advocacy to help ensure the overall success of Chicana and Latino students;

Be full partners in Cal Poly’s efforts to preserve and foster diversity and the integrity and vitality of the public commitments of our university mission statement.

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Next CLFSA Meeting
Date: Thursday, September 24
Location: Zoom
Time: 11:10-12:00

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