The goals of CLFSA shall be to:

  1. help foster an atmosphere of mutual respect, support, advocacy, understanding, and "familia" between and among Chicana Latino faculty, staff, students, and the wider university community;

  2. increase the involvement of Chicanas and Latinos in all levels of university life;

  3. help solidify and strengthen Cal Poly's ties to and participation with our surrounding Chicana Latino communities;

  4. offer consultation to the university regarding policies and practices that impact Chicanas and Latinos in the Cal Poly community;

  5. work with the Cal Poly community to develop effective channels of communication to bring about better understanding of the goals and objectives of the University's diversity initiatives and other articulated concerns as they relate to Chicanas and Latinos in the University community;

  6. work with the Cal Poly community to identify areas of need in program development and in the recruitment of Chicana and Latino faculty, administrators, staff and students;

  7. provide a broad network of Chicana Latino role models, support, and advocacy to help ensure the overall success of Chicana and Latino students;

  8. be full partners in Cal Poly's efforts to preserve and foster diversity and the integrity and vitality of the public commitments to our university mission statement.

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